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Policies for Private Use




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The following Policies have been set forth in an effort to serve the community, businesses, tenants, partner and nonprofit

organizations who wish to use The Carnegie Center for public or private functions. They have been

established for the efficient operation of the building, protection of The Carnegie Center property and board of

Trustees, and conformance with safety regulations and codes.



Reservation is not confirmed until the contract and the 50% deposit are received.  RENTAL DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE 7 days after the receipt of the deposit.  A $500 fee over and above the room rental is required as a Security Deposit.  The balance of your rental fee and the security deposit (two separate checks) must be received three (3) months prior to the event to maintain the reservation and avoid cancellation by The Carnegie Center.  In case of cancellation of the event, please see Item #9. Client is only guaranteed time in the building that has been paid for, and early set-up, deliveries, etc.  prior to the contractual day cannot be guaranteed unless time has been purchased to do so and is available based only upon availability and at the discretion of The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum and exclusive caterer. 



All persons using The Carnegie Center are requested to conduct their event to avoid disruption of other

events/classes/uses and with consideration for the residential neighborhood. The Renter assumes full responsibility

for the behavior of all persons on the premises during the period of the Rental Agreement including setup and

cleanup times. Proper supervision must be provided for any event involving minors.

No firearms or other weapons are allowed on the premises. The Carnegie Center reserves the right to refuse rental

space to Renters with or without cause. All applicable fire and safety regulations, including the limits on the number

of occupants, shall be observed by the Renter. All exit doors must be left free and unobstructed. The Carnegie

Center is a non-smoking facility.



Only the specific areas designated by the Renter in the Rental Agreement will be available for use during the event

unless notice and further compensation are made to The Carnegie Center prior to the event. If the Renter is using

only one room or a limited area, the rooms not agreed upon may be rented to a second entity unless a prior

arrangement has been made with The Carnegie Center. The Foyer and restrooms are common areas.



If paying by check or cash a fee of $500 over and above the deposit for room rental is required for all events to ensure good care of the facility, and is payable by separate check, along with the balance of the rental fee, three (3) months in advance of the event.  This check is not cashed, and is returned to the Renter within seven (7) days following the event after a determination that no damage or overtime usage has been incurred.  If paying by credit card, the credit card number will be held on file and damages or overtime usage will be charged to the credit card within 7 days of the event.



The Renter is responsible for any loss, breakage or damage to equipment and or physical property during the use of

The Carnegie Center, and will be billed for any such loss, breakage or damage not covered by the $500 security

deposit. The renter is responsible for ensuring vendors hired by the renter for their event are made aware of and abide by the policies outlined in this document and is responsible for any damage or lack of adherence to these policies. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold The Carnegie Center harmless from any claims for loss, injury and

damage to any person or property while anywhere on the premises including counsel fees and expenses in

connection therewith.



6. Furnishing / Miscellaneous Items

Furnishing provide by the renter or items belonging to the Carnegie Center MAY NOT BE pulled, pushed or drug across the wood floors.  This requirement must be adhered to, to prevent damage to the wood floors.


Flooring must be protected where drinks are served and ice is stored to prevent wood floor damage.   



The security deposit may also be applied to overtime usage. A Renter who remains in The Carnegie Center longer than the agreed-upon time may be billed for additional fees equal to the next one-hour incremental pricing for theroom. Unless other arrangements are made, weekday rentals will last no longer than 10 P.M.; on weekends all music must stop by 11:00PM, and Renter must be out by 12:00 midnight. Cleanup must be completed within this time frame.


The Carnegie Center reserves the right to request from Renter proof of a $1,000,000 bodily injury and property

damage insurance policy. The Carnegie Center assumes no responsibility for personal injury caused by the

negligence of the Renter or any person attending the Renter's function at The Carnegie Center.

The Carnegie Center assumes no liability or responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property brought into

the building or while on The Carnegie Center premises. All such personal property including motor vehicles shall at

all times be at the owner's risk.



ALL DEPOSITS FOR ROOM RENTAL ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellation of function must be made

in writing at least 6 months prior to function. If cancellation is made less than 6 months prior to function, Renter is

responsible for cancellation charges up to 100% of agreed rental unless The Carnegie Center is able to rent the space

to another person or organization, in which case a $50 handling fee will be assessed.



Non-Profit organizations are required to provide proof of non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service, i.e.

IRS 50 I(c)(3) letter. This letter must be supplied with the Rental Agreement.



Included as part of an Event Package a staff coordinator is available prior to the day of the event for a total of 3 hours for site consultation, viewing the facility and event coordination.  Additional charges of $40.00 per ½ hour will be incurred above the 3 hours allotted.  


A Carnegie Center staff person will be on call during the Renter's use of the facility. The Carnegie Center

reserves the right to require additional personnel or peace officers when deemed necessary, at the expense of the




As part of our preservation responsibilities, we provide for free and require use of a dance floor for special events involving dancing. Arrangements to bring in additional furniture or equipment for any function must be made with The Carnegie Centerin advance of the event. All rentals must he removed immediately after the function unless other arrangements areapproved prior to the function. Previous day deliveries or next day pickup of items may be subject to additional personnel fees as per Item #9. The Carnegie Center assumes no responsibility for items left on the premises.

No items or equipment belonging to The Carnegie Center may be removed from the building at any time. The

Carnegie Center requires all rental tables to be set up and taken down by the rental company or the Renter

unless other arrangements are made.



Jeff Thomas Catering is the exclusive caterer of The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum. The client must use Jeff Thomas Catering for their food and service.


Optional services Jeff Thomas offers includes bar-tending, linens, center pieces, etc. The only exclusions for use of the exclusive caterer are for events not serving food (meetings, dances, lectures, etc,) events that are pot-luck style (non-purchased food,) or if ALL of the food served has been donated, in which case written proof of food donation is required. A set-up fee for tables/chairs must be paid directly to Jeff Thomas Catering at their current rates.


If opting out of Jeff Thomas Catering, the welfare of the guests shall be the responsibility of the Renter.  If the renter (applicant) is under the age of 21, a person 21 years of age or older shall be required to sign the rental contract as the responsible party for ALL alcoholic beverages brought onto the premises.  This includes responsibility for who consumes the alcohol and the conduct of such individuals.


No alcoholic beverages may be sold on the premises without proof of the appropriate temporary liquor license

provided to The Carnegie Center at least seven (7) days in advance of the event. A temporary license must be

applied for from the State of Ohio Department of Liquor Control at least 60 days prior to the event. No alcoholic

beverages may be sold to minors. The sale of liquor to the public may necessitate the hiring of additional personnel

or peace officers at the expense of the Renter.


ONLY CAMPAIGN IS ALLOWED IN BRIDAL SUITE. No hard liquor or other alcoholic beverages allowed prior in the basement and prior to ceremony and service on the main floor.



No decorations or other items may be applied to doors, windows, floors or walls unless previously approved by The

Carnegie Center.  Renter will be assessed for any damages caused by application or removal of decorations. No

confetti-type material, glitter, rice, birdseed, petals or bubbles may be used inside or outside The Carnegie

Center property.  No tape shall be used at any time for decorating. No signs may be hung or displayed on or around The Carnegie Center by the Renter without prior approval. Use of candles is limited to those protected inside glass containers such as votive candleholders or hurricane globes, and must be approved in advance by The Carnegie Center. Any damage to the facility due to decorations may result in loss of security deposit.



There is parking available around The Carnegie Center building (13 spots,)at the law office next door (17 spots) and free on the street. A map and/or written directions can be supplied. Any Renter wishing to hire a valet and/or security service may do so at his/her own expense. All calls for directions and other information regarding the Renter's function must be

directed to the Renter, not The Carnegie Center.


The client may use The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum’s table and chairs but must pay the required table and chair set-up fee to do so unless using the exclusive caterer’s staff.  Only the staff of The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum and/or Jeff Thomas Catering and their associates may move and set-up The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum’s chairs and tables.  If the client needs more table and chairs for their event that are available at The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum, it is the responsibility of the client to find and bring additional table and chairs to meet their needs or make arrangements with Jeff Thomas Catering to do so.  Client of The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum are not required to use the tables and chairs at The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum.  There are no surcharges assigned to the client if they choose to rent or bring tables and chairs from an outside source.  If the client uses tables and chairs from an outside source, the renter is fully responsible for any damage caused by their set-up and use. Likewise, arrangements for pick up must be made in advance to coincide with The Carnegie Center’s schedule and availability. The Carnegie Center will not set up rental tables/chairs unless paid to do so. At the end of the event, rental items must be torn down by client or rental company unless TCCCT or Jeff Thomas staff has been prepaid to do so.



The renter may reschedule their event IN WRITING for another available date of equal rental value or less at anytime leading up to the CONTRACTED EVENT DATE.  A surcharge equal to 25% of the total rent will be charged for rescheduling the event and is due at the time of rescheduling.  The re-scheduled date must be conveyed in writing to The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum within 30 days of the request to reschedule or the event will be considered cancelled and the CANCELLATION POLICY will be in effect. 



In the case of unanticipated military deployment of the bride or groom, the client may either choose to have a full refund of the rental amount or keep the rental deposit on account for rescheduling of an event within 2 years of the original booked date at the same rental rate of the original booking. Catering refund or deferment policy in the case of deployment will be determined by the caterer. 

Anti-Harrassment Policy

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