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Project Description

“Bridging the Past to the Future”

Columbia Tusculum Community Art Installation Project 2020

Produced by The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

Hosted by Columbia Tusculum Residents


"Bridging the Past to the Future" is a collaborative, outdoor art installation project that will take place in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood. The goal of the project is to engage residents and visitors in/to the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood with community-collaborated art while visiting historic parts of the neighborhood. 


Artists will be connected with a Columbia Tusculum host-resident to plan, create and display a (front) yard-art installation.  The art will be viewed for free by the general public during the corresponding week to the 2020 Homearama in Columbia Tusculum; September 13-27, 2020. This outdoor art event coincides with the 2020 Homearama taking place in our community. 

Call to Artists

Artists must apply and submit their proposal online:


10 proposals will be accepted, and artists will receive $500 and a $100 supply stipend for the project. Proposals are due by April 15 and will be selected by the second week in May. Planning/creation will take place summer of 2020 for September installation and viewing.



          - Artist must meet with resident(s) to collaborate on design theme. Artists will be responsible for the creation and installation of the piece. 

          -The art piece must be eye-catching, weather-proof for a minimum of 2 weeks,  related to the project theme, "Bridging the Past to the Future," and be a minimum of 3'X3'. 

          -Though not required, special consideration will be given for artists who incorporate elements from Columbia Tusculum's history. 

          -Artists are requested to attend the event kick-off and artist meet and greet event on September 12, 2020.

          -Artists are asked to assist homeowners in removing the art piece after the exhibition.

    -Subject of art piece must be family-friendly and appropriate for child viewing.


Online Proposal Requirements:

Name and contact information

Description of design, construction, materials, colors, etc. 

Description of how the piece will engage residents and guests as well as the message you want the piece to convey.

How the piece relates to the theme: "Bridging the Past to the Future"

Previous Work Samples (any media/style): 3-5 Images

Project budget

Resources for materials

Previous collaborative experience, if any

Sketch of Design Idea: Note this is a collaborative project and all design ideas are considered works in progress subject to changes and modification.

Home Sites Needed

Residential front yards are needed to host the art projects on display from September 12-27. Homeowners in the Columbia Tusculum community will work with an artist to discuss theme and commit to provide their front lawns to display the art piece. Interested homeowners email:

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